General English

(Direct English, UK)

Our General English course uses Direct English as the platform for its delivery. Direct English is highly reputed as one of the most effective English language programmes for ESL and EFL learners today.


Created in 1997, Direct English is based on a unique learning system developed by the internationally renowned education authority on English language, Louis Alexander.  Provided by the Linguaphone Group, a global leader in language training, its unique methodology has assisted thousands of people learn the vital international language of business and communication – English.


Our General English course comes in four learning stages i.e. Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate & Advanced. Each stage comes with two to three Direct English proficiency levels.

For Part-Time Study

(Malaysian Students)​

General English StageDirect English LevelsDuration/Contact HoursIntakes
BeginnerFoundation Level 13 Months / 60 HoursMonthly
ElementaryLevel 2 Level 33 Month / 60 HoursMonthly
IntermediateLevel 4 Level 5 Level 63 Month / 60 HoursMonthly
AdvancedLevel 7 Level 83 Month / 60 HoursMonthly

For Full-Time Study

(International Students with Student Pass)​

The learning hours for full-time study is 20 hours per week / 80 hours per month